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Simple Staffing


On-Demand Staffing

On-Demand Staffing is a client self-service portal that provides clients with a do-it-yourself system, so they can manage their own orders from start to finish. Using our convenient software,clients can post jobs, approve time sheets, handle payments, and review worker performance directly from an easy-to-use data  dashboard. You can even browse and select talent based on criteria that fits your needs, including skill-sets, experience, certifications, location and availability.


Talent Profile

The benefit of managing or co-managing your own job is:

Our clients are given direct access to custom fields within the program that allow them to choose there own talent, you are then able to limit the field based on training, qualification, locations, personal familiarity or any other criteria. 

Searches yield the RIGHT TALENT every time. This helps the clients take control while prioritizing fit over mass.


Geo-Based Staff Clock IN/OUT

Using our talent-facing application, workers can clock in and out via there mobile device. To ensure accurate time reporting, our system registers a workers physical location. This will allow clients to verify attendance.


Timesheet Management

Our efficient time-sheet management module makes pesky manual reminders and follow-ups obsolete. Automated notifications encourage punctual submissions and prompt approval, and our self-serve portals provide workers and clients full control so you can do less chasing and more growing.


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